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Join our free Breakfast Session Thu Nov 10 and learn how you can grow your business by truly engaging installers. After all, they decide which products wind up in a building project.



Bagaar @ PAkt
Lamorinièrestraat 161A, 2018 Antwerpen
Date & Time: 
Thu, Nov 10th 2022 – 8:00 am

About Bagaar


Bagaar is a digital product agency that helps companies develop tailored software and hardware solutions so they can bring new innovative ideas to market or optimize their current operations. We recently joined Verhaert Masters in Innovation, a fast-growing innovation service provider.

Meet your speakers


Our co-founder Jannes Van de maele combines a business mind with technological expertise. He has helped clients like Reynaers, Wienerberger and Remeha with digital strategies improving communication between stakeholders increasing efficiency and productivity. From devising product configurators to developing large platforms managing the whole process from design to administration.

Jannes Van de Maele 

Technology Manager & Co-founder

Thomas Lauwers is a business developer with over a decade of experience in digital solutions. He’s passionate about construction and has been advising companies in this industry for the past 10 years. In short, he has his finger on the pulse.

Senior Account Manager

Thomas Lauwers

Learn how to become the number one choice of installers


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* Breakfast included. Seats are limited.

* Breakfast included. Seats are limited.



08:00 - 08:30: Arrive, chat, enjoy a scrumptious breakfast and great coffee from our friendly neighbor Caffenation.

08:30 - 9:30: Presentation by our co-founder Jannes Van de maele, business developer Thomas Lauwers and UX/UI designer Julien Grégoire (in Dutch)

9:30 - 10:00: Chat & coffee.

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If installers can offer their own clients a nice little extra, they will become the preferred choice for these clients. And you can help them with this.  Think about:

Help them offer an added service to their own clients  

  • Virtual representations: showing clients what the product could look like in their project
  • Subsidies calculator: people are grateful if they can immediately get a clear answer about all the subsidies they could apply for.
  • Digital warranties: who doesn’t like a warranty they can always retrieve?
  • Digital archive of their construction works: always comes in handy, think of repairs, clear communication about proposals, invoicing, agreements.

A digital tool which is as smart as 100 engineers put together might still flop if the user experience (UX) fails. Your installers have to enjoy working with your tool. But how do you make it as efficient and easy to use as your smartphone? Our design team will share their expertise and a number of guidelines to achieve a top-notch UX..

UX makes or breaks a product

Reduce complexity, save installers time and money and they will prefer working with your products. We’ll present digital solutions from Wienerberger, Remeha and Renson to show how you can support your installers in their daily activities by:

  • Simplifying product choice resulting in the best possible match for your client
  • Fail-proof product configurations and intuitive visualizations
  • Tackling complex regulations and calculations
  • Providing tools accelerating the sales process
  • Supporting installation and follow-up

Make installers’ lives easier  


Find out how you can use technology to connect with installers  

There’s a global crisis. Now’s the time to innovate with your building products company and secure your business. Come to our next Breakfast Session Thu Nov 10 and find out how you can build a strong connection with installers resulting in increased loyalty and sales. After all, they are the most vital link between you and new building projects.

10:00: This is the end my friend

Julien Grégoire is one of our expert UX/UI designers. For the last 10 years he’s been designing digital experiences for both start-ups and enterprises. He ensures every product we build is both highly efficient and feels polished in use.

Julien Grégoire

UX/UI Designer